Feedlime Calcium Feed Supplement

Rossmin Feedlime is a Calcium feed supplement used by leading animal farmers and animal feed manufacturers, in the production of feed products and mineral packs supplied to the industry.

Rossmin Feedlime is a trusted source of Calcium supplement ranging from domestic pet feed to commercially produced Cattle feedlots, Chickens and other Birds, Pigs, and Dairy Herds amongst others.

Rossmin Grits provide a rich source of calcium to the Poultry industry. It is particularly valuable in promoting controlled access to Calcium for the birds over the daylight feeding hours, and more importantly, during the egg manufacturing process in layers.

Rossmin Grits sets the standard for Calcium solubility and Phosphorous absorption. Through geological origin, beneficiated purity, and specific size grading, Rossmin Grits provides an optimum slow release of Calcium through the bird's digestive system; enhancing the performance of Phytase additives and ensuring the optimal utilisation of Phosphorous in feed to increase poultry body mass and egg production:
  • Geology of Limestone Source
    Rossmin Grits are produced from a high quality marble deposit which has shown to exhibit superior solubility characteristics in poultry feed.
  • High Quality
    Rossmin Grits are beneficiated to remove impurities, resulting in a high Calcium content suitable for poultry feed.
  • Particle size
    Rossmin Grits have a narrow particle size distribution which ensures an optimised solubility profile in the poultry intestinal tract.
  • Phytase Efficacy
    Rossmin Grits has been shown through independent testing to improve Phytase enzyme efficiency and consequently the digestibility and uptake of Phosphorous.