Limestone Soil Ameliorant

Limestone is used as a soil ameliorant, neutralising acids by raising the pH, thus enabling plants to benefit from the minerals, fertilisers and plant feeds to improve yields. Rossmin agricultural limestone also adds back Calcium and Magnesium minerals into soils to aid plant health.

Rossmin produces both Calcitic and Dolomitic Agricultural Limestone, both registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (DAFF). Rossmin is the leading brand across KwaZulu Natal, the Eastern Cape, and as far as Southern Free State. We provide a rich source of calcium and magnesium to farmers growing various crops from sugar cane, macadamias, bananas and other tropical fruits, to maize, wheat, potatoes and seasonal vegetables to mention a few.

From large commercial to small scale emerging farmers, Rossmin prides itself on the high quality of our agricultural limestone. Rossmin also offers Micro-Fine Calcitic Agricultural Lime (DAFF registered) to those farmers requiring the benefit of fast-reacting limestone powder for applications such as Hydroponics, or precision farming requiring a targeted dose such as nurseries and tunnel farmers.